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If you are looking for ICSI treatment, you can go for Alwar. Sometimes, couples with a low yield of eggs at egg retrieval get the best treatment here. ICSI treatment in Alwar is always used to achieve a high percentage of eggs fertilized according to conventional insemination of mixing eggs and sperm. 

ICSI is the prime part of In Vitro Fertilization which is used to deal with primary male infertility related to sperm count and sperm mobility to raise the chances of pregnancy. This treatment has become one of the most recommended treatments for males. This treatment helps women become pregnant because when eggs and injected sperm convert into embryos during the IVF process, they are transferred into the women’s uterus.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

 Intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI includes injecting a single live sperm into the centre of a human egg through the IVF procedure. The infusion is used because sometimes the sperm cannot penetrate the outer layer for multiple reasons. The reason is the thickness of the outer layer of the egg’s hard to penetrate, and sperm gets unable to swim. At the time of ICSI, a single sperm is injected directly into the egg’s cytoplasm.

ICSI The modus operandi

We keep the matured eggs in the special pipette. The pipette gets designed to keep eggs better and more organized. The ways through which we give ICSI treatment to males are:

  • At the beginning of treatment, a sharp or delicate hollow uses a needle to pick up the single sperm in an immobilized state.
  • Then the needle is injected with sperm into the female’s shell, known as Zona.
  • The sperm gets injected into the egg’s inner part, called the cytoplasm, which is the centre of the egg.
  • After that next day, eggs are monitored to ensure regular fertilization. 

ICSI The success story 

When we talk about ICSI Treatment, there are two aspects of success. The first aspect is the fertilization rate, and another aspect is the pregnancy success rate. IN 70 to 80% of cases, fertilization happens after the ICSI process.

We can consider the success rate of ICSI treatment through the rate of successful pregnancies until childbirth. IVF uses the ICSI method; there are more chances of success. Because in ICSI, the women are more fertile with relatively more minor age and overall fitness and health are excellent, or average quality and quantity of eggs are better than other methods. 

There are some chances of a low successful pregnancy using ICSI when a small number of eggs are produced in the ovaries. If there are embryos of less quality or plantation chances are low, we have to use some special techniques such as assisted hatching.

ICSI treatment cost in India

ICSI treatment cost in India is much more affordable for a couple suffering from not becoming a parent and comes down to India to look out for the help of reproductive services at fertility clinics. The cost of this procedure is approx. 1.2 Lac INR in India covers basic procedures or tests, excluding medicines. 

ICSI Services at Indo IVF 

When you face such complex issues of not becoming a parent, you have a ray of hope, such as ICSI treatment. Go for the INDO IVF centre, where we believe in weaving miracles each year and making childless couples happy by fulfilling their journey to complete a family. We have the best ICSI specialist in Alwar, and thus we offer a wide range of ICSI treatments for infertility at ICSI in Alwar

We help parents to achieve their parenthood without any financial burden. We use Intracytoplasmic sperm insemination with the best procedure to achieve high success. So get the best ICSI Treatment in Alwar.

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