Oocyte Freezing

Oocyte freezing or egg cryopreservation is recommended for those women under the age of 35 who want to preserve their healthy eggs to have a baby in the future period. Usually, working women choose to wait until later in life to get pregnant.

However, a female body’s ability to produce healthy eggs diminishes over time. Cryopreservation/oocyte freezing thus offers a great opportunity to such women by preserving their healthy eggs which are then used to form embryos to help them achieve pregnancy later in life when they are mentally ready for a baby.

The procedure is similar to IVF.

  • The woman is stimulated with fertility drugs to increase the number of oocytes produced.
  • Eggs are retrieved and frozen in the lab.
  • These frozen oocytes or eggs can be used later in life to achieve a later age pregnancy when the patient is ready, through the IVF process.

In a sense, the oocyte freezing technique freezes the biological clock.

At PriBBGoM Test Tube Baby Centre & Infertility Hospital we offer comprehensive freezing programs for oocyte, sperm or embryo freezing. As this subject is complex, it is better to discuss it in detail with one of our specialists. As always, we’re available for information, advice, and support.

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